Eileen Anderson

Eileen Anderson, Artist

Over the years I have exercised my creativity through gardening and photography. I spent years learning about garden design, plants, color coordination and more. I studied everything I could get my hands on and before I knew it, I was the local garden expert.

I am also a self taught painter! I studied art for a few semesters at UCONN but I was so intimidated by the amazing talent of the other students that I let that delay my path towards painting for many years.

And like I did with gardening and photography, I took a paint class with a local artist and reconnected to my love for it. I jumped in to learning all I could and started painting daily during COVID.  My friends and art community have been so supportive which played a major role in my development as a painter. 

I’ve explored many styles and media and I love them all. My great appreciation of art keeps me going. And now, I've learned to accept that what I create is quite good and sometimes even great! I just have to keep going and make sure I'm enjoying what I'm working on. Persistence and passion have really paid off for me!

I hope to inspire others to explore the artistic path, connect to their creativity, and have the courage to put it out there into the universe.

Paint on!!